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Policy Experts is an Independent Insurance Agency that specializes in insurance that helps cover yourself, your family, and your personal assets through, life insurance, medical insurance, mortgage protection etc. Our agency has helped clients all around the valley including: Henderson, Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas. We would love to help.

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Peace of mind

Life insurance assures your family & loved one will have peace of mind. Allow an expert to guide you to the right plan specific to your needs.

Special Cases & Illness

We Know The Right Carriers

Licensed experts who know the insurance market will guide you to the best carriers that fit your special case or illness. You’re approved!


Individual and Group

With the insurance market constantly changing, knowing where to turn can be confusing. With over 20 years experience in the insurance industry, policy experts can guide you.


Protect Your Home & Loved Ones

Don’t let another family lose their home after the death of a loved one. Allow an expert to teach you how to protect your home during a crisis.



An index annuity is a special class of annuities that yields returns on your contributions based on a specific equity-based index (S&P 500, etc). When the market goes down, your money does not suffer any loss, it on gains interest when the market increases.

Voluntary Benefits

 Dental & Vision

Policy Experts Lv has partnered with Spirit dental and vision to offer you the best individual option here in Las Vegas. For an instant quote, please click here for more details.

Las Vegas Insurance Agency

As an Independent Insurance Agency, we are constantly researching the latest, cutting-edge, cost-effective products from only highly rated companies. Our association is only with companies that are of the “A” class rating or above from in the world. This means that you don’t have to shop because we have done the shopping for you.

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Get an accurate quote by an expert

Our licensed experts have over 20 years combined experience in the insurance industry. We can guide you to the right product along with providing an accurate quote.

We only recommend A+ rate carriers

Get your free consultation. We provide superior insurance solutions that are specific to your needs